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Got up early today at 6am. We have to be ready before 8am as Deye’s appointment for her vaccination is at 8:30. This time, we were nicely accommodated. we didn’t have to wait for hours compared to our previous visits. But I never made a fuss since it is a government hospital and everything is free. When everything is free, delays are expected.

When it was Deye’s turn, I was worried. Thought she might cry. But I was wrong. She just said “ahhhh ahhhhh” as the needle poked her flesh! Brave little one! She was even running around after that while we were waiting for our transport. At the same time, I have inquired for the typhoid fever shots for the three of us as we are traveling to India next month. We are scheduled to do it next week. Now, I’m scared hehehe!

From there, I dropped them home and went straight to the bank. As there have been discrepancies in my credit card payments. Glad it was sorted out and BD15 will be refunded in 3 days time. BD15 is BD15. I could buy 3 tins of milk out of that money.

On my way to work, I got a call from the TFC office saying that their people are coming for the installation! Yipeeeeeeeeee! I look forward to going home hahahaha! After a long time, I’ll be seeing TFC shows again hehehe!

Btw, while I was waiting at the Customer Service in the bank, I saw something shining. When I checked it was a 100 fils coin. I picked it up. I had a feeling that maybe it brought me luck this morning.

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