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Morning With Deye

I went to pay my bills with Deye this morning, and bought some of her stuff too. Right after I finished at work, she was already up so I decided to drag her along with mer for a change. At first she said that I should not go because it was “yeyning”. She meant raining by the way.

I was able to convince her that it wasn’t raining this morning, and she agreed to change her clothes.

Our last stop was at Smart and paid my internet bill. Then I noticed this Photo Studio just beside it. I’ve been meaning to take Deye for a photo shoot but I’m afraid she won’t coordinate. So I first inquired for a solo shot, just to give it a try.

Goodness! She won’t sit or stand along behind the background. It was sort of a tarpaulin material. I asked her to sit and she complained “no, it’s dirty!”. I felt so embarrassed! So thankful that the lady photographer has been very patient dealing with her. But still, I ended up sitting with her just to finish it off! Haaaaaaaaay!

Thought you might want to see the DS layout that I just made out of this photo.

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