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I found myself two nights ago digging for DVDs (again) in my husband’s collection. And here’s what I found!

Epic Movie – I thought it was a good one! I didn’t waste my time watching it! It’s a non-sense movie! Sorry but… it didn’t interest me at all. They made it like Scary Movies focused more on copying The Chocolate Factory.

Please don’t watch it if you don’t want your time get wasted! I’m talking bitchy now hehe!

To compensate with the disappointment, I asked a friend to lend me some good movies. I don’t mind if it’s an old one for as long as I could raise my two thumbs up for it. So she lent me Nanny McPhee. Mmmm… not bad! But if your child is just on his/her terrible twos’ stage, I won’t advise that they’d watch this for they might end up copying more of these children’s mischievousness.

Just my thoughts…

Movie Ref :

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  • bingskee

    on the other hand, i think Nanny McPhee is a movie that would teach mischievous tykes what happens to them when they’re bad. i recommend the movie to be watched by young children, but with their parents by their side.


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