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There was a time when I wished there was ADT Moving and Storage Company in Bahrain where I could have entrusted our stuff when we were moving back to the Philippines. That was one of the most struggling days I had in Bahrain. I had a toddler with me who always clings with me. My husband that time had to leave for another place quickly due to call of duty. I had to pack and sell all the stuff that were left with us within a month plus I still had to go to work to comply with the number of days left after my resignation.

If only all the places in the world has this kind of déménagement résidentiel et commercial (Residential and commercial moving) services, everyone’s life would be much easier, having not to worry how to handle and manage each time they move to places.

Going back to my moving experience, with no anticipation, I went over baggage come the time when we had to leave the country. I had to unpack some things at the airport while I could hear the final call of the airlines. And my eldest daughter who was only 23  months old at that time was crying so hard ‘coz she was seeing strangers and nursing a fever. Imagine the stress that I had to go through that moment?

Next time, I’d be wiser, I promise!

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