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Mr. Postman, where’s my bill?

Since the day we moved in to an apartment, I also started using my new home address and changed whatever personal info I had to change. Of course, I still write my parents’ home address if it asks for a permanent address so that I won’t lose any important snail mails except for my electric, water, mobile phone and Internet bills which were all directed to the new one.

Here’s the downside, my uncle’s house, who is the owner of the apartment that I am renting has a big gate but without the house no. mentioned on it. It’s not like the typical houses that has got home address plaques at the gate. So what happens, Mr. Postman who only knows my name finds it hard to locate the house. He, then, drops whatever is on my name to my parents’ house. which is easier for him.

The only problem is, at times, my mom who lives next street, forgets to give the bills that causes delay of payments. Even the LBC packages and prizes that I have won over blog contests get delivered to their house. I guess, I should start convincing my uncle to get the gate re-made with a house address on it.

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