I am so glad that before our summer ended here in the Philippines, I was able to sport my 2nd and favorite pair of Firmoo sunglasses!

Firmoo Sunglasses

It’s a unisex full frame wrap-around plastic sunglasses, in sexy dark blue and black frame color, #OTO2580.



I’ve dropped it once by mistake and amazingly it’s still intact and not damaged at all!!! I tell you, Firmoo is now topping not just in fashion but also in quality. You will for sure have a fantastic time with their sunglasses.

I’m also loving my 1st Firmoo’s Aviator Metal pair! Too bad, summer ended too fast that I did not get to maximize both. Not to mention, the 4th and 5th pairs that I am still waiting for in my mailbox! And yes, I also ordered for my mom, dad and brother! If only they have items for the kids, too, I won’t let it pass.

The best about this Company is that they give one pair for free to new customers. Click here and get one now! Cool eh? It’s work like getting a life insurance at equote.com. They make sure customers are satisfied first before anything else.

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