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My 3 y/o and her homeworks

I couldn’t believe teachers give homeworks to pre-schoolers the things they still couldn’t do just by themselves. Most of the time it’s really overwhelming my daughter, and would often say “I’m tired na, Mama!” Then she’d give me a frowning face and no matter how hard I convince her to finish her homework, she just wouldn’t.

Since then, I don’t force her at all. I let her do the things she’s only able to do and tell her teacher she still hasn’t finished it. At times I’d find notes on her books “No homework”. Frankly, at first thinking her grades/ranking would be affected. But come to think of it, she’s only three and supposed to be enjoying her dolls and toys at home.

When I told my husband about it, my husband said the same thing “not to force her, let her do what she only can”. But if she really has to finish them, I just make a deal with her and it does work at times. Like no going out for the coming weekend if she won’t do it. Or if she’s able to get good grades, then she gets a reward from us. This usually happens when the exams are nearing, but regulars days? I don’t mind any more. No homework, then no homework. For as long as she absorbs the things taught in the classroom, that’s fine! She can read the alphabets. She can write her full name and ABCs. She can count. She can answer her exams at minimal time and in fact perfects them. I guess, that’s what schooling is all about.For now. Haha! Yup, for now while she’s young. LOL!

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