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My 8 Year-Old Little Christmas Tree

It’s not just a simple and typical Christmas tree. There’s a story behind it. A story that reminds me on how my relationship with my husband started. He didn’t have me at hello. He had me by giving me a very unique Christmas gift on our first Christmas Eve. Oooops just kidding! :p

It was the Christmas Eve of 1999 when my husband gave it to me who was my one-week-old-boyfriend at that time. I was literally weeping over not having the chance to celebrate my Christmas with my family for the first time, because I was already here in Bahrain. He was trying to console me by telling me it’s okay, we can celebrate here anyway blah blah blah…. Before we headed for the Christmas midnight mass, he asked me to go with him to town, but never had the idea that he would actually get a Christmas tree for me.

Call me sentimental but I still keep it as much as I value our relationship. It is very much in good condition. In fact, it was up yesterday and kept in the corner of our living room.

I could get a new tree, a bigger one, a fancier one. But there’s just something about my 8 year-old little Christmas tree… You figure it out! 😉

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