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After a serious talk chat with my hubby last night, I was able to convince him of getting a foodcart franchise. You know, paid blogging isn’t permanent and stable, we have to think of something else even they are just small business opportunities, a back up. I called Ms. Em this morning and scheduled an appointment with her tomorrow afternoon. The thing is I know nothing about business. So, I contacted my cousin and asked for his opinion. Seems fine with him. Requested Forced him to jot down question guidelines for me, so when I meet Ms. Em I won’t miss anything. After half an hour, I received this email from my not-so-normal cousin hahahaha!

Dear Ate,

I am very much excited with this future venture of yours. And since I am your consultant, you also have to consider my renumeration – which are as follows:

1. Royalty, 20% of your net sales which shall be given every 5th and 20th of the month;
2. Consultancy fee of PhP 20,000 to be divided equally and be given every 15th and 30th of the month;
3. 13th month pay which is equivalent to the consultancy fee to be given on or before the 30th of November of every year;
4. Plus all other benefits deemed appropriate.

O ayan ate, super discounted rate na yan. almost pamigay na lang dahil ate kita and mahal kita. hahaha

Now, let’s work!

1. Tomorrow as you will attend the seminar, be sure to bring paper and pen and jot down notes! Do not solely depend in your memory as you may forget significant things.

2. As you are listening to their presentation, jot questions that you will ask at the end of the session. Feel free to ask since you will not only financially invest on this. Dugo, luha at pawis eto kaya todo tanong lang.

3. Get a copy of all available materials that they have. Be it handouts or CDs, whichever is available.

3. Comment on the following:
a. cart of choice – exact dimensions, how will it be tranported to olongapo?, cost and who will shoulder the tranportation?, who will take charge of maintenance?
b. trade name and logo – is it really registered with DTI? update status of registration.
c. staff uniform – cost of additional sets (because it only says “1”)
d. pc equipment – specification, additional cost?
e. crew training – length of training, location?, number of crew to be sent
f. extent of business registration and franchise seminar, do they have contacts here in olongapo?hahahahahah
g. business assistance program – how would the transactions go? telecon? chat? emails?
h. marketing and sales campaign – scope? would they physically come over? who will shoulder expenses?

4. one important thing to ask is the source and transport of products. be sure to inquire of the “freight” charges as it may greatly affect the pricing of your goods. also consider possibility of natural calamities that may alter the transport of goods, thus, your operations.

5. would there be a contract that will tell you the number of years that will beind you with the product? what if you just want to end it up? would you be sued? ask for the legal implications.

So far ate, these are the things that i have thought with the very short period that you gave me. ayan ha, wala pang down yan sa akin.

love you!


ROFL! Wahahaha! It doesn’t end there. There’s more, my violent reaction hahaha! Click here.

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  1. good luck with the business, Mitch. The thing I would like to know is if the profit is big enough to hire someone, like tindera. Kasi I can’t really do it myself. Let me know if you have an info bout this ah or whenever or if ever you have started ur business already. thanks.

    Nelle’s last blog post..7 Stuff about Me: When the night is Utterly Sleepless


  2. I would advise sis na kung magstart ka, try mo muna kunin eh relative, para you can at least save from the staff compensation. Kasi although may projected sales na binibigay nila {will blog about it later}, waht if you don’t reach it di ba? Tutal you would need one lang naman sa umpisa kung isa lang kukunin mong cart.


  3. Nag-re-rest din naman haha!

    Mas matindi yang pinsan ko, Asst yan ng SBMA Administrator, a registered nurse at naging head ng Nursing Dept sa Gordon College. And he’s leaving soon to work and study in the United Kingdom.


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