My Blogging History

I started blogging in 2003, but I wasn’t hooked into it – yet. My purpose was just to update my friends on my upcoming wedding, and even purchased a domain and had it hosted for a year. But that didn’t last long.

I next registered in Blogger. I’d say that those posts were non-sense that I had to delete my account so soon.Hehehe!

Next was with Multiply. Again, I was not hooked into it. I only write when I wanted to and most of the entries were copied from emails and quotes hahaha!

Until I got pregnant…. I maintained a baby journal until I finally gave birth to our daughter, Derelle. In fact, it’s still up as I am planning to have these posts printed. God help me give the courage to do it hahaha!

Then, I learned about But due to my annoying frequent visitor, I went back to Blogger for a few months, until I really got hooked into it! Back when I was with, I stumbled upon Sexy Mom’s in Kimmy’s blogroll, my first online buddy who is now also a WP blogger.

Through Sexy Mom, I was able to meet mommy bloggers all over the world, and became a regular member of PMN. When Connie and Noemi decided to turn it to an e-zine, I was approached by Sexy Mom if I want to write for Parenting. I said yes of course though I feel I’m not skilled to do that… To cut it short, I then became an advanced member of PMN. Well, I owe it to Sexy Mom, she made it all possible and even appointed me as her Tech Support for Parenting.

Since almost all of them are using WP, I left Blogger and registered in WP. While I was free hosted by WP, I got the chance to explore and met a lot of pro-bloggers who eventually influenced me to do the same.

And that’s the birth of That’s when I started monetizing my own blog hosted by Yani Hosting, the woman behind Gandacious, the one who made me write this blogging history. Hahaha! Thanks Amore for all the help and for being a friend, though we just met recently online, I know I can count on you (naks adlib pa hahaha!).

So, that’s my blogging history… Thought you might want to shares yours Arlene, Annie, Peachy, Janet and Analyse.

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  1. hihihi It’s always nice to know how things started 🙂 thanks for doing the tag and for special adlib.. lol 😉 And sure you can always count on me.. it won’t let you down.. parang rexona.. bwahahaha 😉

    Honga eh. I was able to reminisce how I really got into blogging. Rexona hahaha!


  2. tnx sa tag ha..parang nabasa mo inisip ko before i logged on to my blog awhile back. 😀

    sis, online presence sounds nice! good luck nlanag sa 100 dollars mo ha!

    Welcome sis….


  3. i’m glad you found your place–where you belong, where you are comfortable, and where you can even earn on the side. am happy for you Mitch, you deserve all of this.

    Thanks po! You’re a part of it Mommy Dine! 🙂


  4. wow, katuwa naman love story niniu ng bloggin. parang teleserye, kung san san napunta, hihihi thanks for the tag, il be postin mine soon! =)

    Onga eh, daming dinaanan hehehe!


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