What a stressful way to end the first week of the year! Just before I rushed my mom to the ER early this morning, there was another unfamiliar transaction charged on my UCPB debit card. This actually started the other day, but I wasn’t bothered at all coz I thought these were just charges on some app updates that I have installed on my iPhone, and the amounts were like Php15 and Php49 only.

I was quick enough to change my mobile banking password but got myself locked up after trying to log in again. I completely forgot the last password I’ve set the other day and wasn’t able to save it on my notes!! I was able to report these charges to Google though, but still under review. I even changed my Apple ID password after that.

Until there was another online transaction made for Netflix amounting to Php550 early this morning, which I don’t have an account with. The Netflix account that my girls and I use is my husband’s so there’s no way I should be charged for this. That’s when I panicked! I was actually trying to call the bank’s Customer Service but I had to rush my mom to the ER this morning, so I had to set it aside.

Worst is, I am expecting funds this week, that’s why I was so worried, and that’s meant for my car’s monthly mortgage due anytime this week. Thankfully, I was able to get through the bank just an hour ago and had my ATM card blocked for the time being until I get it changed. The only hassle now is that I need to go to the branch in Olongapo to withdraw my money and report the incident at the same time.

At this moment, I am still trying to recall where I have used my debit card recently. I went back to the text notifs from last week, and the only last two online transactions I made were payments for my credit card and for an item ordered from Lazada, that’s it! The CS Rep mentioned that it could also be possible that my card was compromised by withdrawing from another ATM machine, which I did just before the holidays ‘coz I couldn’t find a UCPB ATM Machine at the mall. Today’s incident reminded me of the PayPal phishing that happened to me some years ago.

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