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My First Public Appearance

It was in year 1998 when I had my first public appearance (naks! sounds showbiz!). I sang at a wedding, a very solemn wedding held in QC Church (forgot the name).

When I was working in Makati, I sometimes spend the weekend over my cousin’s house in Valenzuela. She works in Metrobank Caloocan. Her colleagues are fond of KTV. She invited me once to come and join them, and I did. I became a part of the group. And they would always request for me to sing whatever!

After a year or so, one of them was getting married. During those gimmicks, she would often hear me sing the ever touching song “Ikaw“. I have never failed to program that song whenever we’re out hehehe! It has become my national anthem hahaha! I didn’t know that she liked the way I sing it.

A month before that special day, she approached me and asked if I could sing on her wedding day! Oh my God! Did I hear it right? I’m not a professional singer! As I’ve said, I can sing but not with that super voice quality blah blah blah! I had a second thought of doing it of course but my cousin begged that I should do it. I was flattered but at the same time nervous and worried but I said yes, okay I’ll do it. She then bought a minus-one tape so I could practice and sing it by heart.

That day came. I was not told about the pianist. All the while I thought I only have to sing along with the minus-one tape. Waaaaaaaaaaah! But what to do, I had to do it. There’s no way I could back out. And guess what was the exciting part? That song was chosen to be played during the vows, huwaaaaaaaaaaat!!????

The pianist told me to relax and feel the song, just go on and she’ll follow me.

Ikaw ang bigay ng maykapal
Tugon sa aking dasal
Upang sa lahat ng panahon
Bawat pagkakataon
Ang ibigin ko’y ikaw

Ikaw ang tanglaw sa ‘king mundo
Kabiyak nitong puso ko
Wala ni kahati mang saglit
Na sa yo’y maipapalit
Ngayo’t kailanma’y ikaw

Ang lahat ng aking galaw
Ang sanhi ay ikaw
Kung may bukas mang tinatanaw
Dahil may isang ikaw
Kulang ang magpakailan pa man
Upang bawat sandali ay
Upang muli’t muli ay
Ang mahalin ay ikaw………….

I did it! Believe me, I had goosebumps while singing it… My cousin’s friends were all smiled watching me and told me “kumukulot pala ang boses mo kapag sa simbahan ka kakanta, parang tunay na singer“. Nyahahahaha! To some who don’t know, they’d thought my voice is such but actually I was just nervous that’s why the kulot in my voice.

I wish I had taken copies of the photos they had during my first public appearance hahahaha!

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