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My Kid’s Health Organizer on iPad

If there’s one thing that I feel sorry about is my being forgetful. Some would call it “senior moments“, some would even label it as “memory gap” but whatever it is called, it is not good at all. If it’s all about minor things, I don’t think it is a problem nor it will create an issue but at times I tend to forget my girls’ doctor’s appointment. If you ask me right at this moment, I won’t even know my girls’ blood type, even my own.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have upgraded my iPad to iOS 5.0 and been installing helpful and entertaining apps for the past few days. I have already installed interactive books for the girls, tools for myself which I hope will make myself more productive and guess I was lucky enough to discover that there’s an app that could ease my worries of forgetting major things and solve my problem. My Kid’s Health organizer on iPad. How is this helpful? See for yourself.

+ All the basics: date of birth, blood type, allergies, social security/national health number, as well as your child’s photo
+ Growth records: height, weight, head circumference, plotted beautifully on a graph
+ Personalised vaccination schedule: keeps records of previous vaccinations, and reminders for upcoming injections. Vaccination data is calculated using your child’s date of birth, with data provided by the World Health Organization and national authorities
+ Upcoming Doctor appointments: also keeps a history of visits, with details of diagnosis and treatment
+ Upcoming Dentist appointments: with a history of visits
+ Childhood illnesses: keep track of which common childhood illnesses, such as Chickenpox (varicella), your child has had
+ Accident and Illness history: coughs, scrapes, fevers, and accidents — all can be recorded for a full history of your child’s health
+ View upcoming appointments and vaccinations for all your children on one easy screen
+ Appointments and schedules are synced with your iPad calendar with notifications and reminders
+ Ideal for newborns to teens.
+ My Kid’s Health is perfect for a single child, or a large family!
+ Full and unrestricted, no need to pay for upgrades or in-app purchases
+ Available in English and French language.
+ Version: 1.0
+ Size: 6.3 MB
+ Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

For only $8.99, you will have the best experience possible and not blame yourself for missing your kid’s vaccine shot! It’s time for me to dig our files and have these information recorded on my iPad. Not convinced yet? Find more details on their FB Page, and follow them on Twitter and see what other moms have said about this yet.


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