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My Lasik Surgery Experience at QC Eye Center

I started wearing eyeglasses when I was only 16 years old. To be exact, it had been 19 years already since I began wearing one. I also tried wearing contact lenses but was never comfortable with it that’s why I switched back to wearing eyeglasses. I have been meaning to undergo a Lasik Surgery but never had the courage and money to do it. I always tell myself “when the right time comes, I will…”

That “right time” finally came… I asked my friend Iris of Pinay Ads, who is also a blogger to accompany me to QC Eye Center as I am not familiar with the place.

How did I come across Dr. Archie Agahan?

I was actually Googling for affordable lasik rates almost 2 months ago when I chanced upon Manila Vision Correction Center in Multiply. Being a frequent FB User that I am, I wondered if he’s also on FB. I checked,  found and messaged him. I was luckily offered a very good price. The deal was great so I grabbed the opportunity! Besides, his name rings a bell. I’ve seen him once on TV already. So there, deal was closed. Screening and surgery were finally scheduled. You see, it pays off to do a research online at times. To those who do not know yet, QC Eye Center and Manila Vision Correction Center are both eye centers that carry and own the Customvis Pulzar z1 solid state laser where Dr. Archie Agahan does all LASIK procedures. We, then, agreed that the surgery be performed at QC Eye Center since that place is more convenient for me.

While waiting at the QC Eye Center Lobby

Anyway, Iris and I met at Quezon Ave McDo last Saturday morning. Along with us came her husband and my cousin, Lheng. It is strongly advised to bring a companion on the day of the surgery, to be with you when going home as you will experience a foggy and unstable vision, and some discomfort for few hours. At half past 9am, we were already in QC Eye Center, registered and then later on proceeded with the screening.

Screening with Doc Archie Agahan

After several tests like Schirmer strips for eye dryness, Dr. Archie Agahan, the attending Opthalmologist confirmed that I passed the screening and that we can proceed with the surgery in a while.


That’s me on scrubs while waiting for my turn. I just realized that I look good on scrubs! Photo in the middle was with Dr. Archie. One good thing about him that I really like is you won’t hesitate to ask questions as he answers them straight but with care. He even entertains text messages and phone calls anytime. Honestly, he’s one of the few approachable doctors I’ve ever encountered. Cool, jolly and friendly too! In fact, we’re already connected in FB hahaha!

During the lasik surgery

It took about 20 minutes (or more) for both the eyes but it took longer with the first one (right) ‘coz I was tensed and nervous at the same time. Who wouldn’t be, surgery is a surgery regardless what kind.

I’m  also glad that Dr. Archie was so considerate to let Iris take photos the whole time I was inside. You know, life of a blogger! We want everything documented as much as possible!

After the surgery

Look at me! All smiles after the surgery despite the foggy vision and a little discomfort! All in all, my lasik surgery went well. You must be wondering what preparation I had before the procedure. Here are the few instructions from Dr. Archie a day before the surgery:

  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • No make-up and facial creams.
  • Bring a companion on the day of the surgery.

I told you, Dr. Archie is not a complicated person. Not too many of dont’s!  But of course, I did my own homework and research. I learned that even wearing perfume or cologne is not advisable. There should be no trace of make-ups even lipstick on the day of the surgery. Even hair products containing alcohol such as hairspray is not allowed on the day of the surgery. So to avoid complications, I religiously followed everything I read online. Wala namang mawawala. Just a little sacrifice for looking pale, and not wearing my favorite scent when I went to work last Friday.

Does it hurt? A little but tolerable. As I have said, surgery is a surgery, even if it’s  just minor. If something got into your eyes, you’ll get an uneasy feeling. Same way when devices get direct contact to your eyes. Obviously, it’ll hurt a bit!

Anyway, a piece of paper was handed over to me after the surgery, all written in Tagalog. Along with that are the eye drops that I need to take for a week.


Before I left the clinic, Dr. Archie once again told me not to expect a perfect sight immediately. That I will be getting a burning feeling in my eyes in the next two hours but will feel a lot better and see clearer things at around 8pm. He was actually right! While heading back to Subic, I fell asleep in the bus and when I woke up at 9pm just in time for the stop over, I was feeling great and in fact too excited to read the billboards outside without having to wear my eyeglasses anymore for the first time after 19 long years.

At this moment, two days after the operation, I can see things clearly from far already while my eyes are still adjusting when I read closer, like 15 inches away from my laptop but definitely everything is great, no complications and no more burning sensation. However, the redness in my eyes, which is also normal as per Dr. Archie and mentioned above, is still very much seen.

Will my vision go back to 20/20? From 400(R)-375(L) with -50 astigmatism on both the eyes, that I am not sure of. As per the online researches that I have read, most likely it will be back to about 20/40. Besides, I just had the surgery done two days ago. It’s too early to conclude. The fact that I can read from far already without my eyeglasses just two days after the operation, which I couldn’t do for the past 19 years, is enough to say that the operation was somehow successful with no complications.

It was such a great experience! Definitely, no regrets that I grabbed this deal. Follow up check up is scheduled on October 8. Another good and valid excuse to meet with Iris. This time, we will definitely go for our long overdue planned 3D max bonding!

Some info about Dr. Archie Agahan

  • Works as a Clinical Associate Professor at University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH)
  • Finished his Fellowship in Ocular Surface, Uveitis, and Refractive Surgery at University of Valladolid, Spain and Fellowship in Cornea and External Eye Diseases at UP-PGH
  • Completed Ophthalmology Residency at UP-PGH
  • Graduated with Doctor of Medicine at UP

Dr. Archie Agahan performs Lasik Surgery in:

QC Eye Center
Saturday A.M.
Anita Building Quezon Avenue
corner Timog Avenue

Manila Vision Correction Center (MVCC)
Saturday P.M.
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Place
Manila, Pedro Gil Wing

For more info about his clinic schedule/s, you may call (+632) 5023166. Or let me know so I can refer you to him. Otherwise, subscribe to and standby for an awesome deal! Yes, you’ve read it right! We learned from Dr. Archie himself that would be featuring a deal on QC Eye Center and MVCC Standard Lasik this coming December valued at Php65,000 for 50% offat Php32,500. Watch out for it! Otherwise, if you are eager to have a lasik eye surgery before December, you may contact Dr. Achie and just mention that you were referred by Mitch and Iris.


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