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My old toys

I’m sure that Filipinas of my age and generation will have a big smile on their face as they see this palayok playset of mine, which my mom managed to keep for 30 years, still in good condition. I remember I had this when I was 6. Yeah, do the math hahaha!

Palayok set

I remembered still having this and kept at my parents’ house when I saw my girls playing the cooking set that I bought online. I then promised Deye that I’d be handing this over to her, in her care. While we were checking some more toys that I plan to take next time, the sewing machine caught my attention. It was one of my favorite toys (that ages the same as the palayok set) that my dad bought for me. A “Katas ng Saudi” as some would say.

Sewing Machine

Too bad its needle was already missing. Well, what do you expect for a 30 year old toy? Surprisingly the light still turned on as we moved and turned the side wheel. This machine really stitches if you put two big batteries in it.

We also found Popoy, the stuffed toy that our neighbor gave my brother on his 1st birthday. I am 10 years older than my brother so go figure how old Popoy is now!


I really admire my mom for being able to keep these stuff. Who would’ve thought that some of my favorite toys will still be enjoyed and played by my daughters.

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  • Momee Gee

    Ahw. namiss ko tuloy kabataan ko. hhahah I used to compare what kids do enjoy their generation now ibang-iba tlga nung kabataan ko.. hahahah oh well, nag iiba naman tlga .. bsta alam ko the best and kabataan ko dati.. dba? hehehe


  • Kaye T.

    You’re lucky your mom kept them really well. I don’t even know if my toys are still back home or already been trashed. Those palayok playset is something that my sis and I would be playing a lot back in the day, we love playing pretends esp cooking. Pero di namin afford mga ganyan kaya we end up using what is available in our yard i.e. plant leaves. LOL! those were the days… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • anygen

    wow! what a lasting palayok… My mom don’t have these toys but then these are very nice and still looks good! You can use this as home decors or collection. Just a suggestion! So that it will go on to the next generation..LOL.


  • Farida

    I used to have a palayok play set when I was young too! Unfortunately, I was not able to preserve this. My cousins and I really put fire under it an we managed to cook chopped leaves and water. It was fun… simple but very fun! ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Mom Michelle

    Those were the days that we play a lot with those kind of toys. But today, rarely can we see children that play outside the house. That’s why I try to keep the old filipino habits and teach them to my children so that it won’t die down in my family.


  • CC

    I still have some of my toys now ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t let go of them. Hehehe. I didn’t have a palayok play set though ๐Ÿ™ I had Barbies and other girl stuff but I usually play with boys then so most of my childhood was made up of jolens, teks, turumpo, etc.


  • Oliver Ramos

    Those pieces of palayok reminds us of our childhood. Simple yet very fruitful. We tend to enjoy the basics and just working with our imagination. Kudos to your mom because she managed to keep those old toys and they are perfectly fine. Nowadays most children don’t play those games anymore they will just sit in front of the computer and doing facebook. Thanks for sharing this pics.


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