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It was sometime around February (2007) when I first saw Ms. Dine’s blog through Kimmy’s blog. But even before that, I was already into blogging though the purpose was only for self-expression and I wasn’t hooked with it, actively updating everyday. After a few exchange of comments, I’ve found myself registering to Pinoy Moms Network. To cut it short, since it’s a  blog network for moms like me, I’ve met a lot of moms online (and offline). Visiting their blogsites became a part of my daily routine. It so happened that some of them were already into paid blogging. At first I was hesitant and my mind says how do they get paid when it’s done over the Internet. I am thinking it was totally unsafe disclosing your bank account (oh well that time I was not aware how PayPal works haha!). Imagine how clueless and dumb I was before. Until one day, someone had really proven that paid blogging really works and that they are paid much, blah blah blah.

Guess what happened next? I found myself buying a domain and had it hosted by a fellow mommy (Amore) who was referred by another fellow mommy (Feng). Did you just follow that? LOL! Submitted my primary blog When Silence Speaks to the suggested paid programs. Few months later, I am already one of those mommies getting paid to blog.

A year later, I managed to get 3 more self-hosted blogs. Two of them are already enrolled and approved into different paid programs like Paying Post.

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While 1 is still in the process of getting into that level hahaha! All in all, at the moment, I have 3 self-hosted working blogs who have helped me in making the ends meet. You too can do that. If you haven’t yet, don’t you feel envious? I get to practice my writing skills and at the same time enjoy the fruit of it each payout period. Don’t be afraid to write. It’ll develop. I’ve spoken to two of my friends who are interested in doing the same but they were just too afraid about “writing”. Believe me, I didn’t know I can until I saw those figures projected by my fellow mommies hahaha! And since I’ve already mentioned it, I would like to personally thank Ms. Dine and Annamanila for giving me the courage that I can do it just like the other mommies. I owe it to you both. I was able to gain confidence because of what they said almost 2 years ago. And look where I’ve reached now. I’m not saying I write perfectly, I don’t. I know and am aware of that. What I’m trying to say is you’ll never know unless until you tried. I tried. I did it. And I am still certainly enjoying it now.

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