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at Paraiso Philippines. Of course, I blogged about my hometown, Olongapo City.

As we wrap up the month of July 2008, we have decided to build Paraiso Philippines into more of a resource center to a much broader reference by the inclusion of city articles all over the country. Thanks to the contribution of this article from the owner of When Silence Speaks, website owner Mitch Carvalho, a native and resident of Olongapo City. The City of Olongapo has been a landmark for decades since it was made into a city in 1966. But prior to that it was a part of the United States Naval Reservation and was owned by the US until they handed it over to the Philippine Government in 1949 and made as a municipality. The now closed Subic Base and know as Subic Freeport Zone, located in Olongapo City is home to the US Fleet that guarded Asia even in the Korean and Vietnam War. I remembered how the perimeters inside and out of Subic looked like those times and much like the Mabini area. Bars and Clubs lined the streets with live bands playing nightly. That also paved the way for most of our musical talents in rock n roll such as Joey “Pepe” Smith of the Juan De La Cruz Band, Mike Hanopol, Freddie Aguilar, Sampaguita and other musical talents that performed there and made their way to different parts of the world. It all started in Gapo.

Please continue reading here while I check for an HDMI cable. *wink*

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