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Janette Toral’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011 Writing Project is again happening this year. For several occasions, few of the bloggers who have influenced me to get into blogging have already been nominated and won this annual event. Of course, my vote counted. This year, I won’t let it pass again without casting my votes for my top 10 influential blogs. Here they are:

  1. Mom Writes It’s no secret that the woman behind this blog is indeed influential. She was able to gather Filipina Mommies and turned them into one helping community. I have known her for years but was only given the chance to meet her in person early this year. She had also helped me a lot in my blogging history and been generous enough to host two of my  blogs for free. How sweet she is eh?
  2. My Painted Lips – If there’s one thing in common between her & I is that we both love lipsticks. But… she looks better in red shade than I do.
  3. Mommy Survival Guide – I believe that parenting is a continuous learning process. This blog somehow guides me to how a mom survives her daily life with kids to look after to.
  4. My Green Living Ideas – I have always loved scenic and nature views. Since I chanced upon this blog, my interest to capture such became more alive.
  5. The Tottering Mama – I admire this tottering mama for being such a  strong woman despite the struggles and heartaches she already had.
  6. Notepad Corner – Her blog helps me realize that no matter how hard it is to run a household, if there’s a will, it’s not impossible.
  7. The Pepperrific Life – I have always admired single parents especially those who are never ashamed of their status.
  8. Certified Foodies – With extra rice or without, I will never say NO to food!
  9. LEVYousa – I love the way she goes into details when she makes a blog post.
  10. The Bloggers Journal – Anything about Blogging 101, she got it!

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