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My “Trinkets” and “Moolah” Collection

I used to collect hair trinkets back in High School and was able to continue that hobby for years until…. I decided to get my hair done and cut very short. I should’ve continued collecting but I felt that there’s no reason to do that anymore. I’m the kind of person who collects and make use of whatever I had collected. That reminds me of my fancy and scented paper stationeries. I really spent so much for that and later on realized that I was running out of my collected items. Reason? I had used all of them hahaha! So, I guess I won’t call these two “trinkets and stationeries” my collection. I’m just fascinated to have them maybe…

Back to my trinket fascination… I am once again very much into this. My daughter, Deye, made me go back into this… During my 5-day Eid holiday, I had the chance to sort them out – for the nth time and I was surprised to see them segregated in 3 compartments now.

Some of them were given by Arlene, my 4-year online buddy. She had them mailed to me while I was on my annual vacation last March. Thanks sis! Now that I had my hair grown, I’m starting to collect some for myself – again.

Let’s talk about moolah – my other set of collection. I started with this collection 8 years ago. I wish I had taken this hobby religiously, I would have collected more by now. So far I only have the MidEastern, Chinese, Canadian, Indian and Philippine bills and coins. At first, there were only MidEastern bills and coins, but when I met people online, I bartered with them. I sent them postcards and they sent me bills and coins, in return.

Again, the Chinese notes and coins that you see are from Arlene.

To my fellow mommy bloggers who are based outside Pnas, and fond of stamp and postcard collection, let’s have a deal…. I send you, you send me hehehe! Don’t worry, I only collect small notes bwehehehe!

Oh by the way, I forgot to give credit and thanks to my now official-blog-photographer – my one and only husband, Derrick hihihi!


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  • greymom

    Wow very colorful naman nong trinket collection mo! Oi, hold on to your moolah collection. It might be worth something one day! 😉

    Kay Deye lahat yan, nakikigamit lang ako :p. Ay sinabi mo! Actually, I’ve already checked one of the antique shops here na merong mga coins din. One of the coins na deformed na halos at wala ng kintab, binebenta nila ng more than a 100 Dinars. Mga nasa 12K yun, or kung meron daw akong itatapat na ganun, we can exchange deal. 😀


  • Arlene

    wowwwwwwww ang dami mo na ng trinklets, sis! hehehe pwede pahingi? joke joke…anyways, my coins collection is placed in a glass jar (parang fish bowl ung maliit) but the coins u sent in a “baol” is still inside the baol. guess that would be the special place for those coins kasi galing sa iyo eh. 🙂

    Sige balik ko sayo binigay mo hehe! I might get that coin album one of these days para di ako nawawalan, eto kasing si Derrick minsan nangungupit ng mga coins dito pang-yosi hahaha!

    Wow talaga? Hayaan mo pag nagpunta ulit dito si Nelson padalhan ulit kita.


  • Kongkong622

    Ang dami naming abubot!! Sabagay, girl naman si Deye and she has beautiful hair. That’s the nice thing about having a daughter. Para kang may living Barbie doll na pwedeng ayusan 🙂

    Alam mo dati we had an entire bayong of Japanese money. Kung minsan nga pinipilit namin ipangbayad sa sari-sari store malapit sa bahay namin noon. Tinatanggap naman!! Yun pala yun nanay ko bumabalik tapos binabayaran din yun binili namin 🙂

    If I know sila Adi ganyan din hehehe, madaming abubot!

    Di lang pala makatanggi sa inyo yung tindera huh! :p Asan na yung mga pera? Malamang malaki na value nun kapag binenta.


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