We’ve all been there. Having to rip our hands off our significant other’s so they don’t have to witness the horrors that dwell on our fingernails. I mean, let’s be real here, the pressure is there, especially for us ladies. Society expects us to have them well-kept, glossy and decorated. Anything less feels like an abomination which can really weigh down on a girl’s sense of confidence. Well, we feel you. Which is why we’re here to give you the divine nail care tips for beautiful hands so you have to hide them no longer.

Fingernails in their Most Elevated Form of Glory

 Nails are layers of a laminated protein known as keratin. It grows from under the cuticle at the very base of the fingernail. They usually have a consistent color with no spots or any kind of discoloration. However, some may have ridges from the base to the tip while others may have white spots caused by injury. These grow out with the nail, of course, but ridges have been known to become more and more persistent the more one ages. With that in mind, call your doctor if you see any of the following. 

  • Discoloration of the whole nail or some sort of darkening beneath it
  • Alterations in nail shape, including curling or even bulging
  • Thickening (or thinning) of nails
  • When a nail raises over the skin (on its own or following an accident)
  • Any kind of bleeding around the fingernails
  • Pain from the nails or swelling

The Biblical Dos of Fingernail Care

 Keep Those Bad Boys Clean and Dry. Bacteria thrives in dirty and damp areas of the body and your nails are no exception. A fingernail infection can be one nasty experience that you don’t want to go through. You also risk spreading it to other parts of your body through your hand. And the impacts are just catastrophic. Furthermore, maintaining contact with water for way too long can lead to the dreaded split fingernails. So, you may want to wear rubber gloves with a cotton lining when doing the dishes or any other form of cleaning. Even more so when you use harsh cleaning detergents.

 Good Hygiene is Paramount. So, grandma knew exactly what she was talking about when she kept insisting we keep our nails short and clean. Turns out that shorter nails are less likely to store dirt, food particles and bacteria than longer ones. Now, you can still keep your nails long though. Just be sure to clip them with a nice smooth curve at the tip and clean them out every once in a while. Click here for the best nail clippers on the market for some pretty cool deals.

 Get a Nice Nail Hardener. This stuff is perfect for those with fragile nails that keep breaking off, tearing and developing rough edges. If this is you, then your nails probably lack sufficient amounts of that keratin protein necessary to keep them nice and strong. Nail hardeners provide a protective layer that adds to the strength of the nail, keeping it intact all day long. Click here to check out the best nail hardeners that would work wonders for you going for insane prices.

Slap on Some Moisturizer. The next time you whip out that moisturizer, make sure you apply ample amounts to your nails and cuticles. Why? Simply because your nails need as much moisture as the skin on your hands. In fact, nail breakage and brittleness is in most cases, the result of moisture loss from drying elements. This makes sense considering how much sun those nails bathe in all day long. This will also keep your cuticles from peeling while stimulating some good old blood circulation.

Ultimate Fingernail Care No-Nos You Need to Know

Nail Biting, Cuticle Picking, and Hangnail Pulling. Now, I know what most of you are going to say, “It happens when I get nervous.” If this is you, then you, my friend need to find something else to bite next time you get the heebie-jeebies because this habit has some serious repercussions. It can cause damage to the bed of the nail and lead to cuts. This could turn into some nasty bacterial and fungal infections. So much for that hand modeling job when that happens.

Getting Hooked on Harsh Nail Care Products. Let’s face it, some of us practically feel naked without a shade of nail polish on our fingernails. Now, while this is okay (somehow), it is important to leave your nails some breathing space. Why? It simply weakens your nail beds. Also, if you do change nail polish on the 24/7, then chances are that your remover use is above the charts. And if that remover is acetone-based, then the drying effect that comes with it is practically withering your nails. Non-acetone based removers also do the work just fine, so you might want to opt for those.

Nail care can be quite the tedious venture, but at the end of the day, it is all well worth the sweat. Remember, a clean and healthy set of fingernails equals a healthy life. So, leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits towards achieving the most beautiful hands in God’s green earth.

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