I had a very productive day yesterday. I thought of sorting out our going-out-clothes while it’s still holiday (I also managed to take out my pre-preg clothes to give space for the new ones). Since my brother, Mark, sent money for Deye as his Christmas gift, I bought her a bigger plastic cabinet with drawers enough to keep the ones she’s using right now. I’m also able to convince her to keep the small dresses she had outgrown in Erchelle’s hand-me-down cabinet already.

(1) Hanging ones are the maternity tops I’m using and the folded ones are the shirts I had. I hope to wear them again after giving birth. Ooops! Please excuse the ones hanging on the rod, those are maternity bras I wear these days heehee! Forgot to take them out for the picture taking.

(2) & (3) Deye’s going-out-clothes and school uniforms, I have already taken out the small ones.

After sorting out the clothes, I had the baby clothes hand-washed and maybe fold and arrange them in Erchelle’s cabinet today. In the meantime, let me go and check on Toto toilets I’ve been dying to get (dream on Mitch!).

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