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Nestle Fitnesse: 14 Day Program

When I said I will go on a diet, I was serious about it. In fact, I survived for days now since the day I posted the Biggest Loser Challenge with no rice during dinner and soda. But… I am guilty that last night I did break my routine. I had white rice for dinner after boiling okra and eggplant dipped in bagoong. So today, to get even with the carbs I had last night, I have started with the Nestle Cereals – Honey & Almonds that Gayle gave me and aiming to follow its 14 Day Program, example meal plan stated in the box:

Breakfast: Nestle Cereals with 125ml skimmed milk, piece of fruit, a cup of tea or coffee.
Lunch: Balanced meal with veggies, meat or fish or dairy products.
Dinner: Nestle Cereals with 125ml skimmed milk, veggies or yogurt.

Let’s see how far I can go with this. If I succeed, well, then, good job. If not, I’ll just enjoy every grain of rice that I eat hahaha!

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