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I’ve been working since the last 12 years of my life. There was a time when I said “I’d never stop working, no one could stop me not even my husband”. But you see, once you’ve become a mother, a lot of changes could happen and may have happened already.

I am number one lazy bum. I don’t do house chores. No, we’re not rich, it just isn’t me. But things changed. One day I woke up cleaning up the mess that my child did. Washed her bottom and seen her soiled diapers that sometimes made me puke. These are just few of the things that I never used to do.

When my husband told me:

I’d appreciate if you could just stay at home and be with Derelle full time. If you wanna continue with your paid blogging, you can by all means for as long as our daughter sees you at home. There’s no one else she could turn to, but you. Yes, your parents are there, but she’s used to be with you and I’m not there.

I thought about it. One of the reasons is simply because I don’t want to depend on the monthly remittance that my husband is sending. I am a breadwinner and it doesn’t look nice that the whole family would also be depending on him. I told him that I’ll try working from home first. He was actually against it when he came to know my duty sched, though he knows I could somehow handle it, he was worried that I won’t have enough time with Derelle anymore, and yes that happened immediately. That was it! I decided! Enough of updating my CV. Enough of job hunting. Be a stay-at-home-mom. I’m just thankful that you can now make money online, create a buzz, or get involved with some blog advertising.

With all the paid programs that I am in, I am able to make the ends meet. I don’t need to ask my husband every time an extra need of money arises. Guess I’d never get tired looking for more. Snapbomb, by the way, is the latest paid program that I’ve discovered.

Well, thanks to these paid programs, for never getting tired of sending us links/topics to write blog about.

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.

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