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No Luck!

I have a feeling that we would still be here until the New Year *sigh*. I’m still not able to get a flight for me and Deye. Christmas is fast approaching and next thing I’ll know it’s over, yet we’re still here.

It’ll be my last working day on Saturday, and from this day onwards, I’m free! I really wish that people would cancel their flights or change their mind, so that I’ll get that slot. Bad eh?

Anyway, packing is almost done. Got the last jumbo box last night and might finish packing tonight. Just few things are left to pack.

This reminds me to renew my TFC subscription for this month. I was actually planning not to as I will be here for few days more, but as I said no luck! Instead of keeping myself to boredom, I might just renew it for another month at least something is there to entertain us. But I have to tell the person who bought my TV not to take it yet from me, otherwise TFC is useless.

We’re supposed to go to Dubai and spend Christmas with my in laws but my sister-in-law was not able to get one more visa. So I’ve decided to stay here and wait till we finally get our flight details.

Wish us luck! Hmp! Nakakainis na talaga!


  • arlene

    talaga? all airlines puno before christmas? sowee to hear that..but think positive baka meron pa. sana merong pang mag back-out.

    oppss last day at work mo sa saturday di naba pwede until the time na pwede ka talaga makalipad pauwi? sayang naman ang unoccupied days. and sana u can still connect from home para makablog kapa at chat ka kay bigD.

    Yup, everything is fully booked.

    I have things to do pa kasi, like my bank errands. Hangga’t may pasok ako di ko yun magagawa pati yung mag-aalaga kay Derelle. It’s okay, D calls me naman 2x a day sometimes more pa nga, kasi free naman tawag nila hehehe!


  • Vannie

    good luck mitchy..hehe..its a pain tlga planning trips
    esp sa holidays..sana mka uwi kayo para di nmn gaano
    kalamig ang pasko nyo 🙂

    cheer up nlng at may tfc pa! ehehe

    Oo nga eh kaso kasi natapat naman resignation ko ng gantong season.


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