No to traditional Christmas shopping rush!

I’m a mom of two young girls. I hardly have time to go out, and even if I do, I always rush home. Plus the fact that I also have a small home business that occupies most of my “free time”. Yes, free time also means “work” for me.

Those were the days when people rush for Christmas shopping. Worst, a last minute one. If you do that, you’re in double trouble. You’ve got to beat the long queue and learn how to balance your time well to get all the things off from your shopping list.

I’m so glad that I am able to do online shopping. Thanks to PayPal and BDO Bank Remit features! Oh not to forget meet ups within Olongapo area. I never had to rush. I took my time and able to purchase things even I’m on my pajamas.

online shopping

Here are the online shops that are on my list:

  1. Gotcha Online Shop  (Beauty products, e-load business, class A sports shoes)
  2. Perfectly Baked Clay Creations
  3. Sutla Flawless Zambales (Beauty products, gadgets and many more)
  4. Trendy Leigh (Clothes, beauty products, watches, footwear, contact lenses and accessories)
  5. Flawless Beauty Hub (Beauty products)
  6. Lola Basyang (beauty products/cosmetics, trendy clothes and contact lenses)
  7. Instamug (Personalized items)
  8. Ivan Josef (Personalized bedroom slippers)

Please feel free to browse their pages and accounts. You won’t regret that you’ve finally let go of the traditional shopping practice! Just be wiser when you do. Happy shopping!



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  1. yup online shopping def. makes life easier for us stay at home moms! I have yet to learn more about making money online. maybe when you have more free time you will be able to give me some pointers:) I see we have a common passion for beauty products as well!! Anyways, I’ve stumbled upon your blog through the mommy blogs network. Hope to be able to make friends with you! God Bless always:)


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