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Nokia BL-5C Battery

Last Wednesday, it was on the news. Watch the video clip here.

A woman woke up at about 1 a.m. to the loud explosion apparently of her cell phone while it was charging. Watch the video clip after the jump.

Lilibeth Vasquez-Legasto was sleeping in her room together with her daughter and grandchild when her Nokia N91 exploded while it was charging. Mrs. Legasto claimed that the cellphone and all its accessories are original. A professor from the UP Engineering Department believes that it’s the battery that caused the explosion.

News clip from Mukamo.

Guess what? My mom’s celfone battery reads Nokia BL-5C Battery. I know because I bought it here. She has a 6600 celfone unit. My brother owns the same model with the same battery.

I logged on to:

and checked if their batteries need replacement. And here’s what it says:

Your battery is not among those manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006 and your battery will not be replaced.

Thank you for checking your battery.

Now… how do I know and make sure that my mother and brother are safe????

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  • gracita

    kaya nga mag ericsson ka nalang! 🙂 honestly, i find that sony ericsson phones are sturdier and has more features. but that’s my biased opinion so wag mo akong pakinggan.

    uy, i’m here in bahrain. been here since wednesday night! you want to meet up with deedee? 🙂

    Actually, maganda talaga ang Ericsson, hubby ko yan ang cel yung orange. Ako kasi di mahilig.

    Nabasa ko nga sa blog mo, nagcomment ako but I don’t know what happened.

    San kayo ba nag-i-stay? You have my number di ba? Miss call mo ko, tawagan kita from the office landline hehe!


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