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Non-Bloggers May Now Join Us

Due to the private messages that we received from non blogger guests and members in Paraiso Philippines Forum, we have decided and agreed to slightly revise the Pasko Sa Paraiso Mechanics.

Instead of having at least 100 number of entry posts for the said event, we have cut it down to 50 posts.

And the best part? Even non bloggers who wish to join the said contest may now join this one big event in December.

As agreed, an original article is still required from the participants and we will just take turns and publish it in Paraiso Philippines Blog. The only advantage that bloggers may have from this is that the article will be linked to the blogs accordingly which may give good traffic in the future, as how our existing active members have got now.

For more details, please read here. If you have questions, you may post them here. So, if you want extra cash  {to buy some electronics for your hubby} for the coming holidays, try your luck! If you are not a member yet of this forum have yourself registered now, then you can have a Merry Christmas later haha! If you have made up your mind and want to register, please do not forget to put “mitchteryosa” in the referral box.

Hope to see you there!

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