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(Non) Sleeping Beauty: Reducing That Tired Look

A recent study showed that people who get less sleep are viewed as being less attractive! Talk about getting some beauty sleep! But while there’s nothing we can do about what other people think of us, we can feel a lot better about ourselves. There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing a tired, groggy version of yourself. Whether you’ve got children and you’re awake all night, or you have a job that demands you work at least 50 hours per week, the stresses of life will show up in your face and under your eyes. So, what can we do to get rid of that tired look?


If You Have Puffy Eyes… Puffy eyes are usually the result of excess fluid, which can be caused by excess sodium, and when you’re premenstrual, the fluids can increase even more, especially when you’re tired, or you’re stressed. So it’s time to get into the habit of massaging your eye bags every day with an eye cream, or with a specialized eye serum for wrinkles to give you a bit of a head start. You can chill some in the fridge overnight and put it on in the morning. The coolness with do your eye bags a world of good, but the massaging action will also help to reduce the swelling of any tissue under the eye. The temptation to apply lots of dark eye makeup and concealer is always an obvious one, but that will make you look worse. Instead, curl your lashes and just put on two coats of mascara. Go for a volumizing kind. Another long-term option is to go for an eye-cream that has caffeine and apply it just before bed. If it doesn’t sound too strange, you can tape your eyes up, which doesn’t cost anything; and it does wonders in keeping fluids at bay while compressing blood vessels. 

For Dark Circles… Also known as the raccoon look, these are caused by broken capillaries and blood vessels showing through under eye skin that is quite thin. If you’re tired, this becomes more apparent, or it can be a cause of sun damage or feeling under the weather. The best method is to mix up your concealers. Go for a salmon or one with apricot and then mix it with a concealer, either cream or liquid, that goes with your skin color, and a loose powder. Pat it under your eyes with your ring finger, this stops the powder looking like it has been caked on! If you are looking for a solution that is much more long-term, you may want to find out if you have any type of allergy. Something as basic as a hay fever allergy can be fixed with over the counter antihistamines, or it could be something like a gluten intolerance, which you should take out of your diet for a short period of time to see if it makes any difference. An increase in collagen will also help out your dark circles, either by getting a supplement or making your own

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