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Nose Job

I’ve read once that “Having one’s nose shaped is the most popular thing in Hollywood now.” This nose job procedure is known as Rhinoplasty. Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons shown the before and after result of their patients who have undergone a revision rhinoplasty.
Let’s take a look:




That’s just one of the many good results. Don’t you think it’s perfect!?? See how this guy’s nose was repaired? Perfectly done. It’s explained that revision rhinoplasty involves less pain than the primary nose job, it’s performed under general anesthetic or local anesthetic depending on the preference of the patient or the surgeon’s advice.

So, if you plan of having one, go to LA and have it done there! At least you have already seen the before and after results. Otherwise, if you’re still afraid to do it and you have a crooked nose, be contented of what you have and you won’t feel any pain.

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  • mk

    astehg ah. last month ko lang din nalaman un ibihg sabihin ng rhinoplasty as nde naman talaga ako matechnical na tao pahgdating sa med. hehe interesting tidbit!


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