NOTW: Black & White Dots

While we were stuck at home last week due to typhoon Maring, my cousin-in-law and I decided to just do a nailart thinking that the next day was back to work for me already. Their house was in bad shape due to flood so she and her 4 kids stayed with us for a week till everything was back to normal.



Excuse the nail edges’ mess, it was not cleaned yet but I was too excited to take a photo when the first set was done. Anyway, these are the things that we used:

Nailart tools

OMG Blackout Nail Polish | White Polish in Tube | Epsa White Color #58 | Pointed tool for the dots

White Epsa

OMG Blackout


It is so convenient to have someone in the family who knows to do things like this. I don’t have to go to the salon to get my nails done, yet, I get the same quality of service. Of course, I also paid the charges. It’s business!

Nailart by Ola

She does maniped for all of us in the family. She has improved a lot in terms of designs. I call her creations “Nailart by Ola“. Her real name is Rica, but we fondly call her Ola. She has already invested on nailart tools because of me heehee! You all know how fond I am of nailart. Thanks to Google, it becomes easy for us to find good and easy designs.

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  1. very simple and cute 🙂
    I also love doing nail arts, but i honestly dont know how to use the one with the pointed tip, mas gusto ko nail brushes tlga 🙂


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Mas madaling gamitin ang pointed tool sis! Eventually, you’ll get used to it din, mas nginig ako sa brushes.


  2. Ohh that’s neat! I wish there was someone close by who could always do my nails too! You are so lucky!


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Yeah, I really am otherwise tatamarin din akong lumabas to get a nailart haha!


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