NTKYW: Pregnant days

Nice To Know You WednesdayIf there’s one thing that I won’t be tired talking about is my pregnant days. Timingly, Nice To Know You Wednesday seem to have thought of my next blogpost, and not only that I have been meaning to join this meme since it has started, but I’ve always missed it. Anyway, here are the questions thrown by my fave SAHMOne Meme Participant, Vix.

1. What do you like best about being pregnant? I can do whatever I want and give a very good reason why I do it, simply because I am pregnant. No one stops me from sleeping anytime, no one judges me when I eat like there’s no tomorrow and most of all I feel special because everyone cares.

2. What is your most embarrassing preggy moment? I slipped on the floor in public. To those who witnessed, it was embarrassing coz my tummy wasn’t still obvious that time but really it scared me to death, and hoping that, that incident won’t harm my baby.

3. Was your pregnancy planned or surprised? Yes, both were planned. As soon as we got married, we hoped for a honeymoon baby but that didn’t happen. We had to wait for 8 months till she finally came. I tell you, we have tried all the possible ways haha! With our bunso, it took us more than 2 years to have her. There were times when we were doing it plainly because we wanted to get pregnant and nothing more. More than 2 years VS one week in the making? Which do you think worked? One week. How? Go figure haha!

4. What I’ll miss most about being pregnant? Everything.

5. What are your preggy comfort food? Anything sweet that is why with both my pregnancies, I had to watch my diet during the last trimester.

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  1. Visiting from NTKYW mommy mitch..
    Wow! buti na lang hindi naman napano si baby..
    ako din sweet tooth nung preggy kaya ang laki ng lumabas ni Iris. 8.1lbs..
    mind you normal delivery ko syang nairaos..
    galing ng doktor ko at nurses..
    Have a nice day!


  2. that was quite scary mommy Mitch, it’s a good thing it did not harm your little baby, kailangan talaga very careful tayo pag preggie kasi we are not only thinking about our own welfare but more so of our babies…i must agree with you it is really hard to stop talking about our preggy days, sarap balikan + sarap i-reminisce 🙂

    thanks for joining, looking forward to reading your next entry 🙂


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