Nutrition Month and her costume

Last week, the grade 1 class where my daughter belongs was asked to compose a short slogan about nutrition, and it has to be relevant to their costume and easy to be memorized. I, first thought of a costume then the slogan. Since in their past lessons, it was mentioned that our body needs proper sleep, I thought that wearing pajamas would be the easiest. I then came up to:

If you eat well, you will grow well.
If you sleep well, you can think well.
Be fit… stay healthy…. so you can be at your best level.

I was right. It only took Deye a day to memorize these lines. Now, let’s get to her costume. Here are the things that I prepared:


  • A pair of bedroom slippers for Php80
  • A basket of fruits/veggies made of plastic for Php140
  • A pair of Dora PJs for Php220.
  • Deye’s extra favorite bolster.

It may be costly but at least these things can still be worn even after their school activity rather than having a “costume” made just for this event that will never be used again. Anyway, it’s very easy to make, I simply glued the fruits/veggies on to the slippers and bolster. Tada!

pair of bedroom slippers

{Her “nutritious” pair of bedroom slippers}

{Deye posing for her costume rehearsal}

Definitely, my first grader is ready for next week!

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