The girls’ tops are actually a two-piece top by Moosegear. I took the gray topper off, and pinned the rosette patches from their animal print dresses.

Jeggings are also by Moosegear. Doll shoes by Kids.

Doll shoes by Kids

So thrilled that the pair of sunglasses we bought from SM  matched well with their outfit!


The blue polo I was wearing here was a gift from my mom. Dunno its brand name, it didn’t have a tag on it. It doesn’t matter anyway. I’m happy that it perfectly matched with my short shorts in blue jeans which I bought from Guadalupe ABC Bldg. for only Php150 and metallic blue nail polish.

Casual outfit

Too bad I have no more decent flats to wear with this so I decided to put my Ipanema pair on instead. I didn’t have time to change my handbag so I grabbed whatever I have last used, my precious light brown Coach bag! Oooops! Sorry no photos actually taken with the bag!

Who would notice that I just got discharged from the hospital? Well, then, Inglot eye make-up did the trick on me!

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