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Been busy and occupied for the last two weeks that I completely forgot about researching flight attendant school. My cousin who is now studying in Manila had asked me to help her on this research and she will be coming to Olongapo this weekend, and that is later today. Goodness! I haven’t done anything as yet. But I’ve found this flight attendant blog that might able to help her. I think she’s finally got her own notebook and it’ll be easier for her to copy all the details that she needed. What I’m not sure of is why she’s eager to know more about flight attendant career when she is a freshman nursing student. Besides, she won’t pass the requirements as she is only 5′ flat in height heehee! So, I supposed it’s just a project in school or it could be somebody else had asked her to do it.

Anyway, speaking of Flight Attendant, I’ve also dreamt of being one. I remember being asked by many people “what would you like to become when you grow older?” and I would always say “Stewardess”. I guess almost all the girls of my age had given the same answer. It’s the dress uniform that they wear that really attracted me during that time. But they day I saw how they work, I said to myself, glad I didn’t pursue to that. I don’t think I could manage and perform their duties. But one advantage is that they get to see different places and site and get paid at the same time. Cool eh?

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