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Olongapo City

My home town > Olongapo City. For those who do not know, Olongapo has got its name from the phrase Ulo Ng Apo (Head of the Elder) that symbolizes the unity of the people.. Read the legend here.

Taken last March 2007

When I just got into college, I was asked by one of my classmates “tagasaan ka?” I said “Olongapo” with pride. And he said “ah dun sa mga babaeng may sumasayaw?” and he was kinda demonstrating the dance while he said that. Instead of getting upset on how he reacted, I asked him back “ikaw tagasaan ka?” He said “Bocaue“. I thought it was my turn to tease him back, so I said “o di ba mas madaming babaeng sumasayaw sa inyo?” He smiled and said yes.

To some, whenever they hear the word Olongapo, their minds are stuck with its not-so-good past and reputation , on how Americans from the Naval base enjoyed their lives with the comfort women, whose jobs are such – get paid after they get laid.

But I never looked at it that way. There are so many nice things about my hometown.

During Senator Dick Gordon’s time, you’d often hear him say “Bawal Ang Tamad Sa Olongapo” at mas lalong “Bawal Ang Tanga sa Olongapo” which has become the city’s motto. And we had proven this after the disaster – Mt. Pinatubo eruption. We recovered the loss. People united and volunteered themselves to help maintain the cleanliness of the place particularly the Naval base which is known now as SBMA Freeport Zone. I’m proud to say, I was one of those people.

Another thing I’m so proud about my hometown is its (color) uniformity. If you look at the photo above, the jeepney’s color is yellow. Yellow ones are Sta. Rita-Magsaysay route only, Sta. Rita is where I’ve come from by the way. Each place represents different color, like the left photo shown here. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Pagasa route only. Jeepney drivers wear red-collar-blue shirt with their names printed at the back.

The same goes with the tricycles, sidewalk vendor’s cart and stalls. In our place, the tricycle color is blue. While other places have green, orange, etc… I’m not really sure if carts and stalls are also color coded, but the usual colors that I see in Rotonda are in blue colors.

To cut this bragging post short, I’m a proud Gaponian!
Read more about my hometown here.


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  • Ami

    I passed by Olongapo several times during college. I did my undergrad fieldwork in Palauig, Zambales. I remember Olongapo of Dick Gordon’s time. Malinis talaga.

    Until now malinis pa din, buti nga maintained kahit na iba na mayor, sabagay Gordon pa din naman.


  • surfergirl

    mitch, bloghopping from gracita. i’m also from olongapo and very proud of it! yes despite the seedy reputation, its a very organized and clean city. nakakahomesick naman yung photo. my family is still there.
    pro gordon din ako. despite the things they say about them being dynasty rulers, they really served the city well.
    ito pa favorite line ko sa mga tricycles: BOSS-Bawat Oras Sama Sama!

    Wow! Talaga?

    San ka ba ngayon?

    Oo nga yang BOSS nalimutan ko hehe!


  • surfergirl

    i moved to australia early this year. di pa ko nakakauwi ulit. where in olongapo were you from? WBB ako.

    Ah ok. Dito naman ako sa Bahrain with my husband and daughter. Yang picture na yan kuha nung bakasyon ko nung March.

    Sa Sta. Rita kami kabila ng Filtration. Malapit lang din sa WBB, di ba sa may school yun?


  • surfergirl

    oo..lapit kami sa jollibee intersection. actually sa national hi way yung family business namin. daanan ๐Ÿ™‚ tapos sa likod ng victory liner station lang kami nakatira.
    kakamiss tlga ๐Ÿ™‚ andun pa kaya yung julie’s sa tabi ng jollibee ?

    Naku sensya na sis di ko ata napansin yun. Last na uwi ko kasi 2003 tas nasundan nitong March nga kaya daming nabago at di ko na napansin, pero daming bagong establishments talaga. Natuwa nga ako sa Olongapo Mall nyahahaha!

    Basta ang daming bago, wala na ngang Conti-J eh. Wala na ding Cindy’s… Atbp!


  • karen

    my father in law had a business sa sbma before kaya nakita ko kung gaano kaganda! plus madalas din kaming magswimming ni hubby sa beaches ng gapo, daan din muna kami sa palengke for our baon =)
    hay, those were the days! =)

    Maganda pa din ngayon, sayang nga di ko nalibot.


  • surfergirl

    matagal tagal nang walang conti-j and 10 years na atang wala ang cindy’s. dami nangang bago..meron pang ‘greenlanes’..parang greenhills tiangge. sa tabi ng olongapo mall. do you remember chatterbox and hard rock??

    As I remember nung umuwi akong last nung 2003 Vercon’s na ang name ng dating Conti-J pero supermarket pa din.

    Parang wala akong nakitang tiangge sa tabi ng Mall.

    Syempre I remember that, suki kami dun lalo sa Hard Rock. Dami na ding bago eh pero di ko tanda names kasi di naman ako nakagimik nun. ๐Ÿ™


  • 2serveandvolley

    Life has goaded me to live in a lot of far-flung places, for far longer time than I have spent in Olongapo, but when asked, this is the place that I tell people I was from. And I will probably always feel that way. This is the place where the things that had happened occurred farthest in time but still occupy the forefront and most expansive part of my memory.

    Even before I was old enough to go to school, I had hiked my way home from the Base to Sta. Rita, alone. The first time happened because I was separated from my older siblings and friends and lost them in the crowd. That experienced emboldened me to take future forays by myself. I hiked the Sta. Rita mountains and Cabalan forests with friends. We swam in the river separating the two regions.

    When it came time for me to attend school, I went to Bajac-bajac Elementary School then later transferred to Sta. Rita. I attended Olongapo City High School for one year before we moved to Manila.

    It’s been a long time coming, but I plan a short vacation at the end of the year to attend a friend’s wedding in Cabalan. I will go see my friends in Sta. Rita, although I know that I will not recognize any of them except for one. And that’s because I came across his picture in your blog. I hope to meet his wife for the first time.


    So glad you’ve found my blog. Daddy was happy to hear from you again!


  • chateau

    Hi Mitch!
    You know, my family fell in love with Subic. We loved the horses especially. It seems we will be going back there every year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Chats! Daig mo pa nga ako, I’ve never been to El Kabayo! :p


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