It’s been ages since we last saw a movie together. Finally, we had a chance to do it again… Where the place is all but ours, no other people giggling or whining, just us – at home.

We went to the Souq yesterday evening and bought pirated DVDs. They are good copies anyway! *wink*. I picked The Premonition and Georgia Rule. And he picked The Holiday.

Went home after buying few things from the Filipino grocery store. We couldn’t take the humidity outside, whew! We then spent an hour or so with Deye and put her to sleep.

I asked him that we should watch Georgia Rule first. As usual, he gave in. But I didn’t see any interest on his face as the movie started. Then, I said, okay let’s watch your movie!

Surprising! I was awake till the movie got over! And that was already around 1:30 a.m. I noticed him checking on me from time to time if I was still awake watching. And I’d say “I’m watching”, then he’ll smile. We would talk in between, sharing our thoughts and guesses on how the movie would end…..

So far the movie was good. It gives hope to the hopeless ones. It shows that race doesn’t matter at all as long as your hearts and souls meet. As long as you enjoy each other”s company…..

But I’m not blogging about the movie *wink* (oh?). I was just glad that after a loooooooooong time, it felt like we were on a date again – just the two of us. I believe that “courtship or dating” should not end in marriage.

Image source : Hans-Zimmer

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