I am completing my first month at work next week, that’s 9th of February to be exact. Despite being swamped with marketing campaigns and other related tasks at times, and the fact that I  am still getting myself more familiarized with all the tools and processes, I didn’t feel any pressure, at all. I can call it “time-management” but I want to believe that it’s also the positive attitude as a team that we all got.

It does make a lot of difference when you can work at peace, with no pressure, and demanding bosses. The fact that I work from home makes everything easier for me, especially now that my Internet has been upgraded and the best part about it was they are paying for the monthly add-on payment. Such a big help! I have no more reason to whine just because I couldn’t get some things done smoothly due to slow connection. In fact, I can watch video clips and tutorials and movies on YouTube with no buffering. I can now complete my tasks way faster than the usual because of this. The upgrade has really been a great help!

I also love the fact that I can freely ask questions about the things that I need and want to learn with no hesitations. I look forward to working daily with excitement. Whenever I am tasked to do something unfamiliar to me, I feel challenged rather than feeling pressured, because I know there will always be support and guidance from my team mates. Having given the trust to handle two hotels directly with one of my superiors, in less than a month, has motivated me to do better and better. Being commended of being proactive tickled my heart for I know that my hardwork is appreciated and recognized. Now, I am more inspired in becoming a more productive VA!

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Mitch Carvalho

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