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On being a Wedding Coordinator

So, finally, my bestfriend is getting married next year!! As expected, I was her personal chosen wedding coordinator for her big day and I am loving it! Didn’t I mention before that it’s my dream business and it’s slowly happening at the tip of my fingers.

Planning a wedding and make it happen according to what the couple really want is not an easy task especially that both are abroad and will only be able to be here physically a week before their big day. There are so many decisions to make and details to consider that is making the situation harder and complicated, and making it so hard to think where to begin.

As part of the usual wedding planning guide, I first paid attention on getting wedding photographer/videographer who will cover and capture special moments of the couple. These days, SDE or Same Day Edit or On-site videos are in and much awaited at the venue. I recommended Raya Photography and shown the couple some of their finished works over at FB, and I am glad they liked it.

Apart from this, I made an initial checklist as follows:

  1. Sign up an account and find a free wedding website. Luckily, half of my free time evolves online and knowing hosts that are serving my blogs for almost a decade now makes this task a lot easier for me.
  2. Find a venue that suits the taste and preference of the couple. In this case, even before they had decided to push through, they already had something in mind.
  3. Check on others’ advice. Having Raya Photography cover their big day, they also offered help on giving me suppliers and assisting me from time to time until that day.
  4. Make a checklist on items that are needed i.e. dresses for the entourage, bridal shoes and accessories, invitation cards, cake, wedding favors and more.
  5. Save the Date cards. Since both are abroad, giving out a Save the Date card is wiser which would help them do a head count for RSVP purposes.
  6. Set up a budget. This is why as early as now, we have started checking on small details. That way by the beginning of next year, we would have a clear picture on how much they would actually spend and maybe start giving deposits for minor requirements.

I’m not a professional wedding planner who has proper training and experience but for my bestfriend, I’m sure I can do it!

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