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On being curious and inquisitive

After I tucked bunso in bed last night, Deye requested if she can watch cartoons some more. I gave in since there are’s no school the next day. So I said, it is a good time to finish my pending online tasks. As I was browsing industrial pumps, she sat beside me and asked “What’s that, Mama?” There goes my inquisitive daughter again! So I just quickly said “pump”. As expected my answer led her to another question “What is a pump?”And it went on and on until I finally convinced her to go back to watching her cartoons.

There are times when, we, parents are caught off guard and just don’t know how to answer their questions. Last year, she asked me “Ma, paano ako ginawa?” I wasn’t ready to answer so I said, ask your Mita. So, when she finally had the chance to ask my mom, she actually did and mom answered “Ask your Mama”. I think that’s what made her more curious. So she asked me again few days after. Actually, my mom has already warned me that she asked her that question and that I have to be ready if ever she asks me again.

“Ma, pano ako ginawa?” Finally, I was able to think of an answer, a not-so-good answer but I guess it satisfied her curiosity that she never asked me that question, ever again.

I plainly said to her “I switched off the lights, went to sleep then when I woke up, my tummy was already big. I asked Jesus and He said it’s my gift to you, a pretty baby girl and you can name her Derelle”.

I told my husband about the conversation and he said, my answer was good enough to shut her up but next time be careful coz she might ask you if she can switch off the lights and wait if her tummy grows big as how yours did. I said “Then, that’s the time I’ll have to think of  a better answer”.


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