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On Being Impulsive

I admit, when it comes to my daughter’s stuff, I don’t think twice. I am definitely an impulsive buyer. And realization comes last as always. When the time comes that it doesn’t fit her anymore, I start regretting for buying such expensive and not so needed things.

Just a month ago, I saw this Barbie backpack @ Php750. Liked the colors so much. When I asked my lil girl, she said she wanted it as well. We ended up buying it without even bargaining and looking at some other shops who might be selling it cheaper.

Yesterday, I went to my fave Hello Kitty shop and suddenly remembered that I ordered something for my lil one, a Hello Kitty backpack which is much cheaper than the Barbie one. Got it for Php500. I know there’s no reason to whine, coz anyway she’d be using it in the next two months regularly. But don’t you think a person like me needs a little help? LOL! Mentally not of course! I meant budget planning or say some help from parents in finding the right product for their children.

By the way, I searched the net and found this helpful site “Parentricity“. In the meantime, I’d be roaming around on this site till I get a good advice from my fellow mommies.

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