My 5 y/o daughter is an incoming Grade 1 this coming June. This school year is going to be just another expensive  school year. Her tuition fee alone costs Php32k already plus the books, sets of uniform (We have no choice but to get her new sets coz the pattern is different now since she will be in grade school) and school supplies. The fact that kids grow so fast, even if her past year’s school shoes are still as good as new, they don’t fit her now. Thank goodness that my mom is sponsoring her school shoes this year, and to make sure that she chooses the right pair, I searched on the net for some designs, instead I stumbled upon YouTube and found something helpful to mothers like me. The proper way of fitting buckle up shoes for girls.

Here you go:

I didn’t know that there’s such a proper way on how to fit buckle up shoes for kids. I never paid attention on checking single details when buying my kids’ stuff. All I consider was its quality and design. Now I know and I’ll make sure my mom gets to watch this video, so when she buys the shoes for Derelle, she would know what to consider. That way we are sure that we are choosing the right product and item.

Mitch Carvalho

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