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On child’s independence

Independence is part of every child’s development. Just like the ordinary kids that you know of, both my girls have also gone through this process and still are. When they do, I don’t stop them instead encourage them to try harder and do better.

While Ate Deye was approaching her toddler years, I taught her to always put the lid back of her feeding bottles whenever she’s done with her milk. Glad she remembers and does it every time. As soon as she can manage to change clothes on her own, I let her do it. I only take the clothes out that she’s going to use from her closet, and that’s it! Till date, she does it on her own. As soon as she gets home from school, she takes her shoes off, put her socks and uniform to the dirty clothes hamper, take his clothes from the closet and change without telling her. Although sometimes, I have to remind her not to keep her shoes lying outside. Well, that’s okay, sometimes I forget too!

With my bunso, Ishi, I feel that she is more independent than her Ate Deye. She has shown independence and courage as she reached her 18th month. She has been eating on her own for a week now.

Just like her Ate Deye, she also remembers to put her feeding bottle lid whenever she’s done. When we change her diaper, we just roll the soiled one, give it to her and she throws it to the bin placed in the kitchen. Here’s one more, as soon as she sees me by the door when I get home from the office, she would run to me, take any of my hand and place it on her forehead. A traditional gesture known as “mano” that I have taught my children. And because she always does, her Ate Deye follows and takes my hand too. You see, it doesn’t have to be the big sister always! Sometimes, smaller kids can be the role model to the elder ones.

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