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On Getting Deye’s Philippine Birth Certificate

For the past 2 years, I had sat  comfortably at home thinking I’m already through with Deye’s documents. All the while I thought we could easily get a copy of her Philippine birth certificate from NSO just because we had it reported in the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain 2 years ago.

Today, I called NSO hotline with confidence that I’d be able to get a copy within 3 working days. But when the lady asked me for the despatch number so she can retrieve the info, I got lost and told her that the only reference number I could provide is the doc. no. stamped on Deye’s Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain dated 2007.

How to get that reference  number? Well, I  need to personally appear at the DFA Manila Office for Deye’s late birth registration. Then DFA will forward the so and so number to NSO and process whatever is needed to be done. To cut the story short, all these things need to be done first before I could get that piece of paper. *sigh*

Goodluck sa akin! I so hate going to DFA pa naman! Hmp!

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