If you are a provider or breadwinner in the family, you badly need to get yourself covered! You’ve got to safeguard yourself and your loved one’s future through personal accident insurance which can support you through disability or death due to an accident.

Just recently, I got myself into a minor car accident and if it wasn’t for the screaming students who had witnessed when my car dragged the steel barrier resting on the ground, I wouldn’t know. All I thought was I drove over onto something like rocks or bumps but never thought that it has already damaged my bumper and left foglight.

The next day after it happened, I called the insurance and asked questions. I was really clueless coz it’s the first time that it ever happened to me. It was briefly explained to me that my car insurance policy covers so and so and that the participation fee would be around so much. I have been hearing so much about personal accident insurance so I also asked, and here’s what they have stated:

Personal accident insurance is a coverage benefit that is part of your comprehensive car insurance plan. It covers the medical expenses of the driver and his or her passengers should an accident happen while on the road. If you have a personal accident car insurance coverage, you and your passengers will be reimbursed for medical expenses due to injuries, medications, and treatments. In some cases, this coverage also includes death.

It’s good to learn. It’s good to know what exactly you are paying for. That day, I also learned that even though it was a self-accident and that no one got hurt, fortunately, I still had to provide an Affidavit of Incident together with my IDs and OR/CR. My request/claim has just been approved and now just waiting for the parts to arrive, and then my car bumper and foglight is good to go for a repair.



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