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On Implementing “Strict” Rules

I left the house at around 8am to pay our electric bill. You know what happens when you have not done it for so many years, you tend to forget things and get in trouble and pissed at times. After my dad has reminded me to take the previous paid bill along with me, I still forgot about it haha! So I had to take a tricycle and go back home for that. Anyway, the place has changed. When I got off the tricycle, I saw a long queue so I assumed it was the queue for paying the electric bill. I asked someone first and he said yes. Before that, we asked our neighbor to get the bill stamped for us so as to get the “number”. Since I didn’t know there was a “fast-lane” aside from the place where you have to pay it, I again assumed that I came to the right place, besides people were there for the same purpose. I got the number 36, and fortunately the last number. I waited…. and observed as more people were coming. Three different people asked me where to get the numbers for the queue. So I answered them politely “sabi ho nung mama maghintay lang kasi ubos na ho yung numbers”. I saw them approached the person who gave us the numbers. Yeah, he works for the company. Guess what? While I was still waiting in a long queue, I saw those people who came late with their receipts (meaning they paid already) and the change in their hands. WTF! We came earlier than them for this???? I kept quiet! When my number was finally called along with 4 more people, we were told to take a seat. That was already 9am and maybe 15 more people were waiting for the bills to be settled.

Finally my turn has come. The cashier said “aba nakalusot ka!” I asked her back, “saan ho?“, She said to me “May stamp ka na sa kabila, di ka na dapat pwede dito“. She was telling me that I also got the number/stamp for the other place I mentioned earlier, so I’m not supposed to be paying here. I said nicely to her “pero pumila ho ako“. “Oo pero yun kasi ang policy, strict ho ang policy namin na di ka dapat pwede dito pag may number na sa kabila“, she insisted. I had to defend myself then, so I told her “ako pinupuna niyo eh pumila ako ng maayos at naghintay ako, kung hindi pwede bakit tinanggap ni manong ang bill ko, dapat punahin niyo din yung mga “sumingit”, eh nauna pa sila sa amin makabayad, eh kami pumila at naghintay ng maayos!!!!” I was really upset and almost walked out the place coz everyone was staring at me. I thought she’d keep quiet but instead she said “aba ewan kung anong patakaran meron si Pablo sa labas!“. So, Pablo was his name. Good job Pablo!!!! Bravo! Thanks anyway, I was able to pay the bill! But I guess everyone in that office implements their own rule/policy! I wonder if the top boss knows about this, I guess not!!! Hay Pilipinas!

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