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Was there a time in your childhood life when you thought and asked yourself “Would I be getting part of the properties that my parents own when the right time comes?”.

I did actually. But unfortunately, they have no properties to put on my name except for the house that they own right now. Besides I have a brother whom I think needs the house in the future more than I do. Not even a million of funds to transfer in my bank account. We are a family who lives a simple life. And I have no problem about that. I know when to squeeze the budget. I know when to buy the things that I just wanted. And I know the needs that we have to prioritize.

But you see I now have a child who might be asking the same question in the future “Would she be getting part of the properties that we still actually don’t have?” We have to admit, we can’t work all our life. We can’t be a slave working for other people in a foreign land. That is why I am thinking of getting inheritance advances. I’ve already made researches and gathered some info. I always look for something where there are no obligations to apply. Besides I only want to inquire for now and I’m glad that you could always rely on their friendly Funding Officers to help you answer your questions.

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