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Calamity loans, cash advance loan, fast cash payday loans, whatever form of loans, these would surely help my kababayans sustain their needs till they recover from the damages that typhoon Ondoy had done to them.

As I write this article, I am watching the news and hearing the complaints of majority of the Ondoy victims who were told that they could easily apply for a calamity loan. But when they got there, systems were not properly working and there was a huge queue waiting outside. When the rain fell, that was the only time when some of them were allowed to get inside the building. Well, huge queue is of course expected coz thousands of people were affected, but the system? That’s another story.

I just hope these government agencies here in the Philippines would do something about it. With the situation these people are facing now, they need money to fill their stomach. And it’s only possible once the problem is sorted out and monies are released.

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