After a week of taking antibiotics, I’m still experiencing pain on my left side so I decided to have another check-up this morning. It wasn’t just a UTI, that’s what I feel. As I explained the pain that I am feeling to the doctor, he suggested that we should do an ultrasound to make sure what’s giving me pain.

I had undergone urinalysis first but it appears that my WBC is perfectly fine now. So I went ahead with the ultrasound and kidney stones were found. The moment I heard that, I felt nervous coz my dad had gone through it 4 years ago and he had an operation. The doctor said that we will try to flush it out by taking medicines good for one month. Then have another ultrasound after a month from today then we’ll see.

He prescribed 90 tabs of Acalka and I knew it would cost me much. While the pharmacy clerk was checking the price through their barcode scanner, I was wishing it won’t be over Php20 each tab. Thank God it wasn’t! It costs Php16.70 each but I need to take it 3x a day for a month. I first bought a bottle (of 30 tabs). Aside from that I was given 2 pain relievers. *sigh*

Mitch Carvalho

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