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Nowadays, when people talk about Home Business, definitely it has something to do with Make Money Online. And guess who takes advantage of these opportunities? Well, um…  majority of them are the mommies who prefer to work from home – like me. All you need is:

  • A personal computer in good condition.
  • A stable (sometimes even unstable would do haha!) Internet connection.
  • Comfortable work corner.

See! You need not to hurry every morning, put your make up on, think hard on what dress to wear etc etc etc. And what are the options that you could consider in able to make money? Here you go:

  • Blogging (which I think almost everyone is now into)
  • Content writing (there are many e-zines who are in need of ghost writers, you just got to have the guts to apply and claim yourself as one good writer, believe me I’m not that good but I write for some useful informative sites like Paraiso Philippines and eOFW.)
  • Blog head banner making / blog make-over
  • Virtual assistance.
  • And maybe check for affiliate program sites like Plug-In Profit Site.

Who says online opportunities are limited to those who know SEO stuff? Maybe, in the beginning, you’d find it hard to understand some simple online terms like link-ex, but I’m sure in the long run, you’d find yourself teaching and convincing a noob online buddy get herself into these kind of opps. Right or wrong? Right!

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