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On printing services

In this day and age of modern technology, anything and everything can be bought off of the internet. From gadgets to toys, clothing and even online services, these are all readily available with just a click of the mouse. Being the working mom that I am, this surely saves me a lot of time and effort. Imagine, I don’t need to brave traffic, line up for who knows how long, and let’s not forget, when you have kids with you in the mall, you kinda end up buying more than you should.

This is why I have come to love online shopping. However, I have to admit I have had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to things I have gotten through online sellers. Sometimes, for example, the photos the seller uploads of an item is not a very good representation of the actual item. However, I always keep in mind that part of protecting myself as a consumer is being cautious about the people I transact business with.
One thing I have yet to try is availing of those online printing services, whether for photos, business cards, brochures and the like. I have had friends who have become addicted to making photobooks online then ordering them, but I’m still a little dubious about it because I’m worried the quality of the prints will not be as good as the one I am used to. My friends, however, say that they have been quite happy with it. I am looking forward to meeting up with them soon and checking out their purchases in the flesh so I can feel more sure about getting my daughters’ pictures printed. Although I must admit…even if I’m still not 100% sold on it, the deals and packages being offered are great. Let’s see…maybe soon 🙂

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